Beer & Folklore Show

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Staropražská zábava s pivní degustací U Medvídků!

Beer & Folklore Show

Beer & Folklore Show is traditional old Prague folklore with old Prague songs, famous cancan and Charleston, very popular dances of the golden Prague era, audience interaction and competition; starring beer, excellent four-man band, male and  female singers and two gorgeous dancers. Enjoy excellent show and beer degustation consisting of 4 different beers!

Láhev piva Oldgott

Time: From 7.30 pm


Show U Medvídků program follows the best old Prague traditions, including the tradition of the place - the hall Cabaret U Medvídků. There, the first Tingl Tangl cabaret in Prague was introduced in the beginning of the last century.

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Show U Medvídků ensemble consists of the best Prague musicians who specialize in the 1920's and 1930's music. The band includes musicians from well-known old Prague band Šlapeto, such as singer Michal Žára or drum player Jan Ježek.


History of Prague Cabaret

Cabaret genre has been very closely linked with Prague, mainly from the early 20th century period, when it became very popular among the citizens of Prague and has been performed in many places at that time. Historically, the first cabaret (so called Tingl Tangl - folk singing hall) originated U Medvidků and took place in the late-Gothic Cabaret Hall.


Brewery U Medvídků

U Medvídků brewery was founded in 1466 and it ranks among the oldest known breweries in Europe. It prides itself for observing the original medieval procedures of beer production which also include beer fermentation in wooden barrels.


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